High-Asset Divorce

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Complex High-Asset Divorce

Some couples amass a large number of assets during their marriage and, in some cases, one or both spouses may operate their own business. Every divorce case is different and in even in basic divorce cases, there are usually a number of assets and debts that exist as part of the marital estate. In situations where there are complex and high value assets, including businesses, there are many legal issues to consider. It is important as you may be considering approaching this important moment in your life that you need not do so with fear. The Courts are not interested in punishing one party over another. Rather, the Courts will look to a division of assets which is equitable, meaning fair.

It is important when approaching a divorce with higher than normal assets to have a plan that will allow both parties to leave the marriage in an equitable manner. If there are marital businesses, there may be franchise agreements or other legal documents which govern the behavior of a divorcing couple in addition to family law. Buy outs may need to be considered. Business valuations may need to be performed. There may be tax implications that will need the involvement of attorneys and CPA’s.

Why a divorce attorney is essential where there are complex or high value assets associated with divorce.

It is often necessary in high asset cases to involve business valuation experts to determine the goodwill and going concern values of a business. Where other assets are included, it is often necessary to retain a qualified appraiser to get a true fair market value of your marital estate. It is always essential to have the counsel of an experienced divorce attorney who can advise you how Pennsylvania Courts determine issues related to property division.
Pittsburgh divorce attorney, Robert Galbraith has successfully represented business owners in divorce as well as individuals who have high value assets at stake.

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