Uncontested Divorce

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Uncontested Divorce

Pennsylvania provides a relatively easy process for obtaining a no-fault divorce.  Some couples divorce after a relatively short period of marriage, have no children, have not purchased a home together and have no assest or debts to be divided. A divorce in these cases can be obtained without ever going to court and, in many cases, without the need for marital settlement agreements.

For those couples who do have significant property or debt, real estate, retirement accounts,and/or children, you may still be able to get a divorce without ever going to court.  However, it is very important to seek legal counsel and you will need an attorney to prepare settlement agreements dealing with:

These divorces are common and often referred to “dinner table divorces” or “conference room divorces” because the issues are dealt with out of court.

Many couples believe they have resolved their divorce themselves, but find after speaking with an attorney that there are many issues they have not thought of.  Pittsburgh divorce attorney Robert Galbraith has many clients who are able to use his advice to reach a comprehensive settlement so that issues do not arise later that were not addressed.  In these cases, Attorney Galbraith will not infuse conflict into your situation where it does not exist and will help you finalize your divorce properly.

Some sites advertise “no attorney” divorce kits or uncontested cheap divorces at what should appear to be unrealistically low prices. Even if you and your spouse come to agreement as to important matters such as property division and child custody, you should still consult an attorney to ensure that your rights are properly protected.

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