Father's Custody Rights

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Fathers’ Rights

Pittsburgh custody lawyer Robert Galbraith has met with many fathers encountering divorce or custody issues.  In fact, Attorney Galbraith is himself a father who has experienced divorce.  It is common for fathers to express concerns about how the legal system views them and many men still hold an inaccurate perception that mothers have an advantage over fathers when it comes to custody.

Thankfully, this is no longer true and Pittsburgh custody attorney, Robert Galbraith believes fathers should approach custody issues empowered knowing that the Courts recognize that a father’s support and physical involvement in their children’s lives is essential.

The inaccurate perception that mothers have an advantage over fathers in divorce and custody cases is based in what was once the status quo.  Traditional, but outdated legal principles like the “tender years” doctrine, gave Courts precedent to presume that a very young child should be with their mother more often because of traditional gender roles that existed in our society. During the early development of our law, the father more often worked outside of the home while mothers were routinely homemakers.

As our society has become more modern, it is the reality that both parents may now work outside of the home and fathers are and want to be more involved in th every day duties associated with raising their children.

Thus, Pennsylvania has officially recognized by statute that the courts are prohibited from using gender as a factor when making a custody determination. Thus, fathers should not be concerned when going to court that they will face discrimination in a custody matter because of their gender.

It is healthy and necessary for fathers to remain in a prominent role in their children’s lives and issues such as divorce or custody litigation need not be an impediment to that. Whether you are a mother or a father, Pennsylvania Courts are charged with equally applying the statutory factors used when considering a child custody matter.

Pittsburgh custody lawyer Robert Galbraith is himself a father and has personally experienced divorce.

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