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The family law offices of Robert Galbraith represents fathers, grandparents, and same-sex couples in all family law matters.

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Fathers Rights; Grandparents Rights; Same-Sex Couples; and Single Parents.

Many fathers approach custody litigation with fears that outdated perceptions will put them at a disadvantage when it comes to custody and support matters. Fathers should consult with an attorney to gain an accurate understanding of the true state of affairs in Pennsylvania family law and approach litigation with less fear.

Sometimes Grandparents have to step in to care for their loved ones, but there are specific requirements in Pennsylvania as to whether grandparents have standing to pursue custody of their grandchildren. If you feel you need to intervene for the care of your grandchildren, you should consult with a grandparent’s rights attorney.

Same-Sex couples are entitled to protections in family law whether related to drafting enforceable prenuptial or post-nuptial agreements, equitable division in divorce, and spousal status with regard to estate planning. Call Pittsburgh family law attorney, Robert Galbraith at (724) 304-4604 today to schedule a consultation to better understand your rights.