Complex High Asset Divorce in Pittsburgh

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Complex High Asset Divorce Issues in Pittsburgh

Divorce presents several economic issues for those who earn relatively high amounts, own their own businesses and for couples who have enjoyed a relatively high standard of living. One may find themselves faced with how to divide substantial assets such as businesses, real estate, investments, and various high valued collections, etc.

Perhaps one spouse has been the primary wage earner in such a situation which may make the other feel like they are entering divorce from a less powerful position. Fear of the unknown can be an impediment for either party and lack of knowledge of the divorce process can cause either to make mistakes.

These types of cases need to be handled with an experienced attorney who will value your need for discretion. The priority if faced with such a case is to make sure you have an attorney who can advise you on the myriad of issues that will likely be present in a complex high asset divorce. Those issues may range from complex support situations, business valuations, valuations of retirement accounts and pensions, and receiving accurate appraisals of real estate and or personal property.

You need an experienced and trusted attorney

Attorney Robert Galbraith has represented corporate officers and successful entrepreneurs as well as their spouses in complex high asset divorce litigation. Robert approaches all cases from the perspective that the important financial issues should be identified and a path towards settlement should be pursued at every opportunity. This is especially important in complex high asset divorce cases. It can be a natural impulse to believe that these cases need to be litigated vigorously to obtain a favorable result. This is not always true. A more fruitful approach may be to utilize the network of financial experts whom Robert has worked with in the past, have the experts examine the marital estate, and present the information to both parties as soon as possible and try to reach a settlement.

If you are faced with complex financial issues and a high asset divorce, call Robert at (724) 304-4604 to schedule a confidential consultation. You will always meet personally with Robert who will advise you as to your options and the divorce process.

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