Child Custody in Butler County, Pennsylvania

Custody Procedures in Butler County

If you’re a Butler County resident and are considering an action for child custody, modification, relocation, grandparents rights, paternity, enforcement, or contempt, it is important to understand the procedures your case will follow once filed.

Custody actions in Butler County begin with the filing of a Complaint for custody of a petition depending on your specific case. Butler County custody attorney, Robert Galbraith, will help you to understand the differences between legal custody and physical custody as well as the various types of visitation recognized in Pennsylvania.

The Court will schedule a child custody conference which must take place within forty-five (45) days after the filing of the Complaint or Petition.  Both parents will also receive an Order from the Court to attend a parenting class offered by Families Forever.  The parenting class is designed to help parents navigate the custody process and ensure that the children are impacted to the least amount possible.

At the custody conference, you will be represented by your attorney and have an opportunity to present your concerns.  Butler County’s child custody officer has experience in handling custody actions and will listen to both parents before attempting to help the parties to reach a settlement.  It is possible that your case will settle at this stage and an order will be agreed to by both parents ending your litigation.

If a settlement cannot be reached, the custody officer may recommend that the parents participate in a custody evaluation.  The custody officer will also recommend a custody arrangement which will set forth in a temporary order signed by the Court.  Either party can request within thirty days of the entry of the Court’s temporary order that the judge assigned to your case schedule a pretrial conference.

Butler County Child Custody Attorney, Robert Galbraith

Butler County child custody attorney Robert Galbraith has offices in Wexford, Pennsylvania and has represented families from Cranberry Township and Butler County in custody actions.  Please call Robert at (724) 304-4604 to schedule a consultation at your convenience.

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