Can You Collect More Child Support?

Pennsylvania Child Support in 2017

If you are receiving or paying child support in Pennsylvania, it may interest you to know that in May of 2017, an amended table for child custody amounts will go into effect. The state legislature typically provides for a review and increase of child support figures every four years and the upward adjustments are designed to account for the routine increase in cost of living, etc. With the last adjustment having occurred in 2013, the time has come once again to revisit Pennsylvania’s child support tables.

As a recipient or payor of child support in Pennsylvania, you may be interested in what this might mean for you. First, ordinarily, to obtain a modification of an existing order for support or maintenance, one must show that a “material and substantial change in circumstance” to one of the parties financial situations has occurred. The amended child support tables would provide for a change in circumstance. However, it may not be time to run off to the courthouse yet.

Is a child support modification right for you?

It would be very important to meet with a child support lawyer in the Pittsburgh area to have an analysis done as to your specific situation. By providing a child support attorney with accurate financial information, they can review your specific case with you. As with all legal matters, you want your attorney to review information with you fairly and to give you pragmatic advice. If a modification would result in only a small difference a month, would the litigation be worth the counsel fees?

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